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With proud we are the worldwide distributor for Nuvo Clean Sports. The distribution is made in cooperation with Nuvo Clean from our warehouse in Sittard, NL. We work with exclusive distributors, distributors and resellers in every country. The demand for Nuvo Clean Sports was enormous after our launch on the biggest Sports Fair in Europe, the ISPO in Munich. The demand for a product that really attacks the bad sweat smell turned out to be huge. Become also a distributor or reseller of the product that really helps! Because of the huge applicability of the product it will become a success in every sports store. Think about products like sport shoes, (boxing)gloves, shin guards, skates, helmets and many others, in general all products that got dirty because of sweat and are hard to wash.



Why Probiotic Cleaning?

The Answer is Simple… …because it is safer and more effective.



Let’s start with some stats about how toxic those common cleaners in your home really are. In 2003, 90% of all reported poisonings in America (of which 60% were children) occurred at home due to common household cleaners. Research has also found that women who worked in their home have a greater risk, as much as 55% higher, of developing cancer and/or chronic respiratory disease than women who work outside of the home. Household cleaners, cosmetics, and paints contain so many toxic chemicals that this group now represents a leading source of air pollution in some major metropolitan areas, only second to car and truck exhaust emissions. There are an estimated 90,000+ chemical compounds in the USA today, of which less than 1% has actually been tested by the government for carcinogenicity. Less than 12% has been tested for ANY kind human or environmental safety. That said, we have absolutely no idea how these various combinations of chemicals will affect our health and that of the planet. The research is all there, so why do we continue to use toxic cleaners in our home, near our pets and children? Enter Probiotic cleaning—the new way to clean.



What is Probiotic cleaning?

Our Probiotic cleaners are specially formulated as safe, organic green cleaners meant to reduce germs in your home by as much as 86%. But wait, we’ve all heard the advertisements claiming certain toxic cleaners reduce 99.9% of germs, right? Why isn’t this better? The reason for this is that those cleaners kill ALL the germs, the good and the bad. Probiotics are essentially friendly bacteria. You see, most people only recognize bacteria as bad germs that need to be killed, but in reality, bacteria are part of the balance of nature and are absolutely necessary to our good health. Usually, favorable bacteria coexist harmoniously and it is only when harmful microorganisms gain the upper hand that we can become sick. Good bacteria and bad bacteria are often fighting against one another for survival. Naked Clean® lays down such a large quantity of friendly bacteria, or Probiotics, that the bad germs can’t compete and essentially die—exactly the way nature intended. That’s right, Probiotic Cleaning is actually cleaning with germs!



How exactly do Probiotics work to kill germs?

Probiotics clean at the microscopic level to reduce germs, allergens, and viruses by getting rid of bio-film—the secret hiding place of 90% of harmful bacteria. Bio-film is like a microscopic city full of all the bad stuff. It’s on almost all surfaces that are somewhat wet and warm, including on our teeth as plaque. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) believes that 65% of certain types of infections in hospitals are a result of diseases (e.g. H1N1, MRSA, Staph, E.coli) that live and hide in bio-film. But here’s the real kicker—bio-film cannot be removed with any cleaning products including acids. Not even the strongest disinfectant can penetrate its hard crust-like layers. It’s an armor-plated home for bacteria to live. Pictured here is bio-film magnified many times by an electron microscope. You can actually see the microorganisms under the bio-film. When you eliminate the bio-film, germs and viruses have no place to live and reproduce which causes them to die out. Viruses ‘outside’ the bio-film can only survive for a very short time so removing it is very helpful for a healthy home. The great thing about Probiotics is that the bio-film is actually food for them. Unlike toxic cleaners, Probiotics literally eat away the bio-film that holds the bacteria and viruses that can make you and your family sick.



How does Probiotic cleaning continue to clean up to 3-days later?

Since Probiotics are “living” microbes, once they’re exposed to a surface they continue to live up to 72 hours, on average. Therefore, Probiotic cleaning continues to clean long after the maids have left your home. This differs greatly from standard toxic cleaning because the germs jump right back onto the surface within 8-hours after a standard cleaning. With Probiotic cleaning you get a 3-day reprieve from the bad germs.



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